How to Get Press Coverage for Your Business:

An Insider's Complete Guide | taught by Roz Miller Choice

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Don’t just watch the news, be the news!

Turn a Press Release into Free Publicity is designed for small business owners, authors, artists, consultants and entrepreneurs who know that media coverage could take their business to the next level and help skyrocket their success.

“I never realized how easy it was to use a press release to get media coverage for my business until Roz taught me how. Roz has an incredible knack for weaving a story and creating news-worthy content and her extensive background and diverse professional experience in journalism and television makes her my go to source for all of my media related questions. Now I’m able to easily identify news-worthy material every week to share with the local press. She even helped me write a press release that opened doors for me to make regular appearances on Portland, Oregon’s morning show AM Northwest on KATU2.”

Angela Wilkinson, Host of The Awakened Goddess Show

It would be great to hire a Publicist or PR firm but sadly they are expensive. A decent Publicist would costs $5,000 a month or more.

This course eliminates the need to hire a high priced PR Firm or Publicist because this complete course shows you what to do to get yourself (or business) featured in the press, at a tiny fraction of the cost.

This course will teach you what you need to know to be a player in the game of getting media attention.

Here’s what free publicity has done for businesses:

One feature report on a cooking show caused a restaurant owner to double the size of his restaurant to accommodate all of the new customers who saw him on TV.

A newspaper article introducing a local dermatologist caused her to open a second office to service the growing number patients who wanted skin treatment appointments.

A two-minute feature on a cable television show compelled a designer to expand her studio and hire 3 additional staffers to keep up with the demand for her clothing.

There is no doubt that media attention has an impact on the bottom line!!!!!

With this on-line course you will learn through a series of short videos modules, worksheets and practice sessions. Once you complete the course you will be ready to get press attention and stand out from the crowd.

This is an easy and fun course that will keep you entertained. You can go through the course at your own pace but we recommend that you complete it as soon as possible so that you can get started getting featured in the media right away.

Please note that the price of this course will increase in just a few days. So take advantage today!!!

“Roz Miller Choice is the real deal when it comes to Public Relations. Her ability to craft the perfect press release to get media attention has helped me countless times. She knows exactly how to turn your business milestones into newsworthy events that enhance your reputation. Her knowledge of securing press and publicity are unparalleled and she is truly a one stop source for all your PR needs. Most importantly, Roz's teachings are easy to understand and implement, even for the most novice user.”

Shakima Martinez

Business Consultant

Your instructor Roz Miller-Choice is a 30 year veteran in the media industry. She has worked for network television, cable TV, newspapers and radio stations and knows what it takes to get the media’s attention. Her experience includes working as a Journalist and a Publicist, a combination that’s given her the full inside track.

Roz Miller Choice
Roz Miller Choice

Roz Miller Choice is an award winning Journalist and the author of five books.

She reported on stories across the country for CNN, FOX-TV and WCBS-TV. As a Reporter and Producer, Roz was on location, with her TV crew, at natural disasters, crime scenes, riots and protests. Her news reports have also been seen on NBC-TV, MY 9 TV and New Jersey Network Television.

She has interviewed Heads of States, entertainment celebrities and newsmakers.

Roz also has an extensive background in the Publicity and Public Relations field. She has consulted as a Publicist for corporations, small business, entrepreneurs, artists and not-for-profits.

She has 30 years of experience and has been nominated for an Emmy Award and has been honored by American Women in Radio and TV, among many other notable organizations.

In addition she has been a guest speaker at the United Nations and at universities in Latin America. She has traveled worldwide and had extended stays in Mexico and Europe. She recently completed a 5 month sabbatical in the South of France.

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